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Monday, 31 March 2014

The Life Yomi Pledge

The Life Yomi Pledge: If you learn the Life Yomi and share it with one other friend each day, I will make you an equal partner in my merit of learning the entire Daf each day.
(I know this sounds a little complicated, but I explain below!)

Mazal tov!  We have just completed our first entire tractate of Life Yomi together! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for making Life Yomi a reality!   Every day I wake up and see the hundreds of people who have taken the time to make Life Yomi part of your life, I am inspired to learn the Daf and invest time and energy into this wonderful project!  

I want to say a special thank you, firstly to my wife, Rabbanit Batya Friedman, for pushing me to learn every day and encouraging the Life Yomi series!  And secondly to my chavrusa, Rabbi Jonathan Gross, for urging me to publish my thoughts online and then for being the greatest promoter of Life Yomi!

Praise for Life Yomi:

My deep gratitude to you knows no bounds. About a week ago, you sent me a link to your Life Yomi insight on the Gemara on מח  regarding simcha and sasson. You were right in your assumption that I would like what you said. It was a fantab insight and I spoke this morning for our daf yomi siyum of Sukkah, and I anchored my drasha on your vort. Therefore, not just on behalf of myself, but on behalf of others, I thank you profoundly. 
Rabbi Hanoch Teller, Jerusalem

What a gratifying project! I wish you continued hatzlacha and am looking forward to going through Shas with you.
Rabbi Shlomo Seidenfeld, Isralight, Los Angeles

The Life Yomi Pledge:  Many of you have asked if you can really consider yourself to be part of the Daf Yomi movement.  After all, you’ve only learned part of the Daf each day.   So here’s my pledge:
If you learn the Life Yomi and share it with one other friend each day, I will make you an equal partner in my merit of learning the entire Daf each day.
That means that all you have to do is share the daily Life Yomi teaching with one other person via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.  In return, I promise to share with you my spiritual reward for learning the entire Daf.   And so when you get to the end of a tractate or at the end of the entire seven-year cycle, you can celebrate the completion of the Talmud with the confidence of knowing that you earned it with your daily efforts!

Free dedication opportunities:  Normally, when you’re asked to dedicate a piece of learning in honour of a birthday, anniversary or yortzeit, you are asked to pull out your wallet.  Not Life Yomi!  If you wish to dedicate a day of the Life Yomi, all you need to do is pledge to send the teaching (either that day’s Life Yomi or another one that speaks to you) to eighteen (chai) people!    And in return for sharing the Life Yomi, all of the merit of those who have learned the Life Yomi that day will accrue to you or your loved one!   You don’t have to provide the names, I trust you.  Just email me and let me know which day you’d like to dedicate and for which occasion.  

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