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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Do we really only use 10% of our brainpower?

Beitzah 3

"What if there was a pill that could make you rich and powerful beyond your wildest dreams?"  What if it could unlock the 90% of your brain that you have not yet accessed to allow you to become an incredible leader, relationship-builder and newsmaker?  What if it could grant you the power to change the world?   

While this is the premise behind Alan Glynn’s 2001 techno-thriller, The Dark Fields, NZT “the clear pill” is not mere science fiction.  Most people aren’t aware of it, but this amazing stuff is available and could change your life!

“So, rabbi, how do I get my hands on some of that magic?”

The Mishnah presents a debate about the permissibility of eating an egg that was laid on Yom Tov.  According to Beis Hillel, who prohibits its consumption, the egg is muktzeh – forbidden not only to eat, but even to move, since it serves no purpose on the festival. 

There are various categories of muktzeh.  Some items may be moved if you need them, others if you need their space and others if you want to use the object for a purpose other than its own formal usage.  So, for example, although I generally may not move a pencil because I might come to write with it, if I didn’t have anything to stir my coffee with, I could use the pencil.

The Gemara, quoting a Baraisa, clarifies that the egg that was laid on Shabbos or Yom Tov may not be moved even for an alternative purpose, such as using it as a “lid for a container.”  In fact, it may not even be moved for the purposes of a mitzvah, such as “supporting a wobbly couch,” so that you can eat and sleep comfortably, fulfilling the mitzvah of enjoying Shabbos or Yom Tov!

Wait a sec!  How could a raw egg support a heavy couch?  Rashi explains that if you place an egg carefully straight up and down, it wouldn’t crack and would be able to bear even the most intense weight!

We are all wellsprings of unlimited potential waiting to be unlocked.  Our physical bodies are home to our spiritual souls for which no task in this world is too great.   You already have the NZT – you just didn’t know it!  There is a popular myth attributed to Einstein, that most of us only use ten percent of our brains.  It’s not true.  Most of us only use ten percent of all of our G-d-given talents!

The problem that many of us face is that we see large couches and we think, ‘How could I, a tiny, brittle egg carry that immense weight on my shoulders?  There is no way that I could handle that!’

But you can!  If the Almighty has presented you with an opportunity in life, then you must believe that He has blessed you with the ability to step up to the plate.  You could be successful beyond your wildest imagination!

The first step is to accept that a tiny little, delicate raw egg’ele can bear the weight of the world on her shoulders!  Once you internalize that belief, there will be no task in your day, no challenge in your life that will be too big.  You can do anything!  You better believe it!

Today’s Life Yomi is dedicated in honour of the birthday of Kate Friedman of Melbourne, Australia by her husband, Michoel, and children, Eli and Shaina.  Happy birthday, biz 120 in good health!

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