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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Is it safe now to visit Israel?

Daf Yomi Yevamos 12

After Grandpa Morris passed on, Grandma decided to move from the UK to Israel.  Her final years in the Holy Land were some of the most exciting years of her life – she loved being in the Holy Land and she loved going for tea in Netanya’s Independence Square.

During Black March of 2002, there were fifteen suicide attacks by Palestinians against Israelis.  Most Israelis were terrified and ventured out of their homes as little as possible.  Not Grandma.  She was interviewed by Haaretz as she sat drinking her tea in Independence Square.  Asked by the reporter why she was not afraid, she told of her younger days in England during WWII.  The Germans had dropped a bomb right near her house, causing the roof to cave in.
“I feel if I survived that once, when my time's up, it's up,” Grandma told the reporter.

Rabbi Bibi taught before Rabbi Nachman:  Three women may utilize family planning methods, a young lady, a pregnant woman and a nursing mother.  The young lady may do so, lest she become pregnant and die; the pregnant woman, lest her fetus become deformed; and, the nursing mother, lest she wean her child who may die.  Such is the opinion of Rabbi Meir.   The Sages, however, teach that in each of these cases, the woman should engage in intercourse in the usual manner and they will be shown mercy from Heaven.  For King David writes in Psalms, “G-d protects the simple.”

What was your response to the recent war in Gaza?  Did you cancel your trip to Israel?  Or did you hop on a plane and show your support?   Grandma a”h knew that “G-d protects the simple.”  When you simply go ahead and do what G-d wants without your own calculations, G-d will protect you.

Does that mean that you should walk across a highway blindfolded and say, ‘I have faith in G-d’?  Of course not.  That is stupidity.  It means doing what the Almighty expects of you without trying to calculate whether G-d knows what He’s doing.  He wants you to procreate.  He wants you to be in the Holy Land.  When logic dictates otherwise, you have to ask yourself whether this passes the test of reasonable risk.  Sure it’s dangerous to go to Israel during a war.  But guess what?  Statistically, there’s more chance your plane will crash on the way than that you’ll be killed while you’re there!

Have a simple relationship with the Almighty.  Trust in Him.  He will protect you.  And when your time is up, it doesn’t matter where you are; your time will be up.  Meanwhile, strive to fulfill His will and you will feel more fulfilled for it, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually!  

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