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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

G-d never goes broke

Daf Yomi Yevamos 39

Aubrey and Zoe were getting more and more into their Judaism.  They’d started keeping kosher and Shabbos and I was ready to broach the subject of Jewish schooling for their children.
“Twenty thousand dollars each kid per year?  Are you out of your mind?” they bellowed at me, “That’s sixty thousand dollars between them.  How on earth do you think we could afford that?”

The Mishnah states: Once the levirate marriage takes place (between a man and his brother’ widow), she is like a regular wife in all respects.  The only exception is the financial obligation of the ketubah, which remains incumbent upon the estate of her first husband.

The Gemara explains why: This woman was granted to him from Heaven, i.e. he did not choose to marry her, rather he simply fulfilled the mitzvah of marrying his brother’s widow and therefore it comes without financial onus.

When Heaven bestows a responsibility upon us, it comes with sufficient resources to cover our obligations.  If the Almighty has given you financial commitments, He has already blessed you with the wherewithal to cover those commitments! 

If He has blessed you with children, then rest assured, He will grant you the means to provide them with food, clothing, shelter and a good Jewish education.   G-d has abundant bounty.  There is no limit to the amount of blessing He has in His storehouse.  He is simply waiting for you to just ask!

Maybe He finally blessed you with your dream car.  And then it breaks down and you think, ‘What do I do now?  How am I going to afford the repairs?’  Stop fretting!  The same G-d that provided you with the car can provide you with the money to fix it.  G-d has no shortage.  You need to believe in His infinite bounty. 

Unlike human beings, G-d doesn’t go broke.  He doesn’t file for bankruptcy protection.  He has an unlimited supply of blessing.  All you need to do is to tap into His flow of blessing and receive it.

Whatever blessing G-d has bestowed upon you has come with abundant resources to maintain the blessing.  G-d is not limited.  And His resources are likewise unlimited.  All you have to do is ask!

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