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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How to become a Miracle Worker

Daf Yomi Yevamos 115

Our forefather Jacob escapes from the land of Canaan from the wrath of his brother Esau and spends many years in the home of his uncle Laban in Haran.  While working for Laban, he becomes wildly successful.  But it wasn’t just his own fortune that prospered.  All around him people experienced prosperity – Laban and his children become incredibly wealthy with abundant flock and cattle. 

The home was ablaze and filled with smoke.   While the old lady managed to escape, her husband wasn’t as lucky.
“They set our house on fire,” said the poor woman, “My husband died but I got out.” 
In such a situation her testimony is not admissible, for we respond to her, “Just like you had a miracle occur, he too could have had a miracle happen to him!”

Step one in life is to recognize that the Almighty is bringing miracles into your life constantly.  Nothing is by chance, nothing coincidental.  If you would take note of how many coincidences happen in your life each day, you would quickly realize that G-d is guiding you.

Once you have faith in the Almighty’s guidance, what then happens is the spillover effect.  Not only will you experience miracles in your life, but all around you, you will see miracles.  Just like Jacob placed himself into the hands of the Almighty witnessed miracles in his own life, so too all those around him were blessed with miracles on his account.  Likewise, when Joseph descended to Egypt and began to work in the house of Potiphar, not only was Joseph successful, but Potiphar’s house was blessed with prosperity on account of Joseph’s faith and righteousness.

You could become a miracle-worker, drawing down the Divine into everyone around you.  The Almighty is already overflowing your life with miracles.   Once you recognize the Almighty’s hand in your life, you will become a source of miraculous blessing to everyone! 

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