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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Learn the Art of Teleportation

Daf Yomi Yevamos 116

 A couple of years ago, Bradley moved his family to Edmonton from out east.  He was hired to work in the oilfields making six figures and he was willing to do it despite the fact that he would have to live apart from his family in Edmonton most of the time.   That was working out more or less until three months ago when the oil companies started laying off thousands of employees.  He too became a victim of the downturn and was left with no job and a family to support.

Brad was despondent.  He didn’t know how he would pay the bills and he saw no reason to stick around in Edmonton.  He moped around the house for months until last week he received a surprise call.  It was a local member of the community offering him a job. 
“I know you are a person of integrity.  You work well with your hands and have good people skills.  I’d like you to come and manage one of my departments.”
Suddenly, Brad had a job making good money and he would no longer need to be away from his family for extended periods!

There was once a gett (bill of divorce) found in Sura with the following wording: In the city of Sura, I Anan bar Hiya of Nehardea do hereby release and divorce my wife, Plonit.  The rabbis searched from Sura to Nehardea and the only Anan bar Hiya they found was one Anan bar Hiya of Hagra who was living in Nehardea.   Indeed, witnesses came forth and testified on that day when the gett was written, ‘Anan bar Hiya of Hagra was with us in Nehardea.’   Was this the same man?
Rava suggests: Maybe he took a flying camel.  Or perhaps he teleported using the Divine Name. 

Many people look at their lives and get despondent.  Things seem to be so bleak that they can’t imagine ever climbing out of the hole they find themselves in.  But that’s only because we are looking through our mortal eyes.  From G-d’s perspective, things can turn around in the ‘blink of an eye.’  All He needs to do is send you a flying camel or teleport you to a completely different place – a magical place – and your life will be transformed.

You might think to yourself, ‘How will I ever get out of debt?  I’m in way too deep!’  But all the Almighty needs to do is to grant you a better paying job and you could be debt-free in no time at all!  You might be thinking, ‘I’m stuck in this dead-end position for life.’  But the Almighty has flying camels coming your way!

If you have faith that the Almighty can do anything, you will believe that your life could be transformed in a moment.  The Almighty has a storehouse full of blessing to bestow upon you.  Turn to Him, place all your faith in Him and He will teleport you to a magical place in life!

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