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Thursday, 12 February 2015

G-d wants to give you everything!

Daf Yomi Kesubos 8

After years of hiding from his brother Esau, Jacob is ready to return to the land of Canaan.  He realizes that G-d has blessed him abundantly with a beautiful, large family and material prosperity.

Turning to G-d, he proclaims, “I am tiny of all your kindness!”

Rashi explains that Jacob is concerned that maybe he has used up all his merit and reward with his success and prosperity.  Perhaps there’s nothing left in his spiritual bank account now when he really needs it to face the final confrontation with Esau.

What blessings are made for the bride and groom?

Rabbi Judah says, “You shall bring joy to these beloved friends, as You brought joy to your creations in the original Garden of Eden.  Blessed are You, Hashem, who brings joy to the groom and bride.”

Isn’t it a bit of a stretch to ask G-d to provide us with the same degree of satisfaction that Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden?  That level of joy has never been experienced in this world since we were evicted from the Garden almost six thousand years ago!

Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz explains that our Father in Heaven wants us to ask the world of Him!  He loves us dearly and wants to shower us with abundant blessing.  There is no shortage in His granary of prosperity; no bottom to His well of giving!  When we ask G-d for our needs and wants, we shouldn’t be asking for a quarter or half of our desires, He wants us to pour out our hearts in prayers for abundance!

Indeed, the Ohr HaChaim clarifies that Jacob didn’t feel that he had used up His prayer account with G-d, for there is no end to G-d’s infinite blessing.  Rather, Jacob was merely expressing how small and unworthy he felt in the face of the Almighty’s abundant blessing.  He felt so humbled and undeserving before G-d, but knew that G-d has no shortage of blessing.

If you believe that G-d can bless you abundantly, He most certainly will!  He loves you dearly.  He gets nachas when He sees you prosper.  When you maintain your faith in Him, He will bless you with the world.  He will grant you the joy of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!

Your Father in Heaven loves you beyond your wildest dreams.  Just like a parent who would do anything for their child, G-d wants to grant you all your wishes.  May you merit the sustained faith in the Almighty that will draw down abundant blessings of health, nachas, and material and spiritual prosperity!

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