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Thursday, 12 February 2015

How the Divine flow can change you

Daf Yomi Kesubos 10

The accountant was dumbfounded.  He had gone over Sherrie’s books three times and he couldn’t believe his final numbers were correct.  But sure enough, she had made almost as much as in previous years, despite her battle with cancer over the last year.

“Are you sure?” she asked him as he presented her with his findings.

“Absolutely,” he replied, “this is a miracle.  In my forty years in the profession, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The last year and a half have been extremely challenging for Sherrie as she struggled to balance visits to the cancer clinic for radiation and chemo with her psychology practice.  She was convinced that the bottom line would suffer as a result of her needing to cut back at work.  But, lo and behold, miraculously, the Almighty had provided her with almost the same income as the previous year, despite her lightened workload!

Praising the Almighty’s provision of blessing, King David declares in Psalms, “You visit the earth and water her . . . watering her ridges abundantly, settling her furrows, You make her soft with showers, You bless her growth.”

Rabbi Hana of Baghdad taught: Rain waters, quenches, fertilizes, refines and draws down.

Rain is a metaphor and a symbol of the Almighty’s blessing.  The same way that we can see rain that descends and provides more than a mere drink for creation, similarly the Divine blessing is more than just a light shower.

When G-d sends His blessing, it has multiple goals.  Firstly, it waters, i.e. the Divine blessing is refreshing.  It is invigorating.  When you open yourself up to the Divine flow of energy, your entire being becomes reenergized and full of life.

Secondly, just like rain, it not only provides water, but a good rainfall completely saturates the earth.  When G-d sends His blessing to the world, it’s not a sun-shower.  G-d sends enough blessing to completely quench your thirst.  The Almighty’s blessing is limitless!

Third, a good rainfall serves to fertilize the earth, opening it up to release its inner nutrients.  Likewise, with Divine blessing, you can transform yourself from within.  You have the power to be a source of energy and power.  But in order to release those nutrients, you need to open yourself up to G-d’s flow of power.

Fourth, the rain refines.  Not only does Divine blessing bring out the best in you, but when you allow the Divine energy to enter, you become a stronger, better, more refined person.  When you open yourself up to the Divine power, you become transformed.

And finally, the rain draws down.  It is the connection between heaven and earth.  Likewise, the Divine flow of energy connects the spiritual with the physical – elevating the physical and drawing down the spiritual into this world.  When you make yourself into a vehicle for the Divine, you draw down G-dliness into your life.  And that’s when miracles happen.  When Sherrie placed herself in G-d’s hand, her life became supernatural, no longer dictated by the forces of nature.  And when G-d is providing, there is no limit to his abundance!

Rain is fulfilling.  It is invigorating.  It is thirst-quenching and saturating.  It is transformational.  And it is connecting.   If these descriptions are all true of physical rain, how much truer are they of the Divine flow!  May you merit becoming a vessel for spiritual rain and never cease accepting, becoming transformed and connecting to the Divine downpour!   And may you too experience miracles throughout your life!

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