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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Don't settle for second best!

Daf Yomi Kesubos 22

When I was working in the financial services industry, I had a secretary who was okay at her job.  She wasn’t great, she was just okay.  She would take half a day to type up a letter for me.  She returned clients’ calls eventually.  She could occasionally figure out how to fix the fax machine.  But she’d done nothing terrible, so it was very hard to let her go.

According to HR professionals, the most difficult employees to get rid of are the mediocre ones.  They’re not that great, but how can you fire them for doing nothing wrong? 

The Beraisa states: If a woman says, ‘I’m married,’ and then later retracts and says, ‘I’m single,’ she is not believed.  If, however, she provides a plausible excuse, she is believed. 

There was once a beautiful woman who was constantly being proposed to, and so she would respond by telling them she was married.  She eventually got married and the Sages asked her for a clarification.
“Originally,” she explained, “when I was approached by men who were inappropriate, I told them I was married.  Now that I found someone appropriate, I married him.”

Just as much as employers will settle for mediocre employees, many people settle for places in life that are mediocre.  They get so used to doing the same thing day in day out that they’ve stopped believing they can achieve great things. They’ve convinced themselves that the status quo is the best their life will ever be.  And things are okay, so why shake it up? 

Don’t settle for mediocrity!  You are a child of the Almighty.  You are a beautiful neshama (soul).  Don’t settle for second-best!   Yes, in the meantime, you might have to act ‘married’ to what you’re doing, but be the best at it and don’t ever forget who you are and the greatness the Almighty has planned for you! 

Once you settle and decide that this is the best you can be, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As long as you know that the appropriate big break is just around the corner, you will be able to stand tall, knowing how beautiful a neshama you truly are!

The Almighty placed you on this earth to achieve incredible things.  Even if you’re not there yet, don’t ever settle for mediocrity.  May you merit discovering your great mission in life as quickly as possible! 

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