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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Think positively and it will be positive!

Daf Yomi Kesubos 9

King David watched as the beautiful Bathsheba went out to bathe on the rooftop of the adjacent building.  In a fit of burning passion, he found himself inexplicably drawn to her.  Conspiring to be with her, he sent her husband Uriah out to the frontlines of the battlefield and cohabited with her.    Following Uriah’s death on the battlefield, David married Bathsheba.

The prophet Nathan subsequently appeared before King David and chastised him for his ill-conceived actions.  As punishment for his behaviour, he and Bathsheba would lose a child.  And indeed no sooner was the baby born than he died.

The Gemara asks: Why was Bathsheba not forbidden to marry David?

Rashi explains: A woman who has an affair is subsequently forbidden to both her husband and her lover.

Rabbi Shmuel bar Nachmani quoted Rabbi Jonathan: Whoever would go out to war in David’s army would write a gett (bill of divorce) to his wife.

Rabbeinu Tam explains: The gett would take effect immediately just in case the husband did not come back from the war.  This way, the wife would be freed from the uncertainty of being an agunah – chained woman, who cannot remarry until she definitely knows her husband is dead.

No doubt many women were spared from the terrible plight of spending their lives chained to their missing husbands.  Nevertheless, in David’s case, this injunction had unfortunate consequences.  David capitalized on the fact that Uriah had divorced his wife and utilized the opportunity to take her unto him.   And presumably theirs wasn’t the only marriage negatively impacted by the injunction.

There is no indication as to how long this injunction remained in effect.  Certainly, Israeli soldiers who go out to war today don’t divorce their wives, thank G-d.  After all, why would you set out assuming the worst outcome?  Instead, soldiers should be promising their wives the world before setting off, knowing that, with G-d’s help, they will be home soon.

When you set out with the assumption that things will turn out bad, you are opening yourself up to negative energy and G-d forbid, you can set in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy.   Instead of assuming the worst, switch those negative thoughts to positive thoughts!  And you will open yourself up to a purely positive flow of Divine energy!

Even when things seem bleak, tell yourself: I know that according the laws of nature, things may appear problematic.  But G-d works in the supernatural!  You may have been laid off from work, but the Almighty can grant you a job earning twice as much in the blink of an eye.  You may have received a bad medical report, but only the Almighty holds the keys to good health and bad health.  Keep thinking positively and the Divine light will flow into your life and overpower the natural order!

A popular Yiddish adage says, “Tracht gut, vet zayn gut!” – think positively and it will be positive!  You have the ability to determine the ultimate outcome by controlling whether to allow yourself to be controlled by the natural order or to draw down supernatural energy into your life.  May you merit a life filled with positivity and may you always remain in control as the Divine energy emanates throughout! 

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