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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Could you do a better job running the shul?

Daf Yomi Kesubos 94

We have some amazing volunteers in our shul, thank G-d.  They work tirelessly to make our place the premier shul in the country with all the finest programs.  But you can rest assured that no matter how hard they’ve worked, someone will arrive at the event and find something to criticize.

Recently, we staged Purim in the Land of Oz.  Our volunteers were hammering and painting and decorating for weeks leading up to the event.  Just prior to the event, that someone walks in and decides that the window on a wood house vaguely resembles a cross and that the sleep-deprived volunteers should remove it immediately. 

They’re really nice and accommodating and so they did.

Rav Huna taught: If two brothers or two partners had a civil court-case with a disputant and only one of them went to court with the opposing party, the other partner cannot (ask for a retrial and) say to him, ‘You did not represent my voice. . . had I been there, I would have made a better case!’

If you want an opinion, you have to show up.  You can’t expect to arrive later and tell everyone what they did wrong.  If you think you could do it better, step up to the plate and lend a hand!  It’s very easy to criticize; it’s much more difficult to put in the time and effort to make a difference.

For some strange reason, the poor shul president always has to put up with abuse from congregants who don’t like this or don’t like that and would do it better if they had the chance.  You do!  There’s no shortage of spots on most shul boards and committees.  Every organization is aching for volunteers.  It’s time to stop criticizing and start doing!  The volunteers are no more members than you – why are you giving them a hard time?  If you think you could do a better job, then do so!

It’s time to stop criticizing.  It’s time to step up and do something about it.  May you merit being the volunteer giver and let all the criticism wash away like water off a duck’s back knowing that you are serving the Almighty and His children!

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