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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Does life taste like vinegar?

Daf Yomi Kesubos 100
When Freddie first came to this country from the Ukraine, he opened a little clothing store.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t make ends meet and he closed up shop within the year.  He was devastated and was almost ready to go back home to the Ukraine, when someone suggested he invest in foreign exchange.  It was a strange suggestion, given the number of businesses already in the saturated foreign exchange market.  But he was willing to give it one last shot and lo and behold, his investment took off.  He continued to invest and expand his business – today he is an extremely successful pillar of the community.  And he is forever grateful to the One Above - had his lacklustre clothing business not failed, he would never have considered going into the foreign exchange industry!

Rav Kahana was holding on to some schnapps belonging to Rav Mesharshiya bar Chilkai the orphan.  He delayed selling it until the festival time. 
He said, ‘Even though it has gone a little sour, we’ll get good money for it.’
Rashi explains: There are so many people at festival time who want to buy schnapps and so even the poor quality product sells for a good price. 

Sometimes in life, things seem sour and hopeless.  But all you need to do is hang on a little longer and life will turn festive.  Just when you think it’s all over, the Almighty can turn your life around for the better.

Whether it’s your material lot or matters of health or your children, keep the faith in the One Above!  Life is about challenges and tests, but when you maintain your faith, the sourness will turn to festivity in no time at all.  Just like a seed must rot in the earth before it can bloom into a beautiful tree, sometimes you need to go through the storm of life before you can appreciate the sun.

Life can often be sour.  But don’t give up.  Very soon you will see that it was all worth it, when you get paid a fortune in return for maintaining your faith.  May you merit the festive season to bloom like you never dreamed of!