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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Get rich quick

Daf Yomi Kesubos 106
Do you want to be rich?  There are all sorts of segulos (good luck charms) to achieve wealth.  You could be a sandak (bris baby-holder), you could overflow the washing cup for bread, you could buy Maftir Yonah (the call-up on Yom Kippur afternoon), you could put Havdalah wine in your pockets.  These tricks are all wonderful, but there’s one sure way of achieving G-d’s blessing in your storehouse that’s a greater guarantee than any segulah

What is it?  Concentrate on bentching (Grace after Meals).  Our Sages encourage us to focus on the meaning of the words – it’s filled with blessings of livelihood and sustenance.  If we would merely have the right kavanah (intent) during bentching, we would need no other segulah for material prosperity!

What would they do with the surplus donations in the Holy Temple?  They would purchase cheap produce and sell it for a profit and use the money to offer ‘dessert’ sacrifices on the Altar.
Rabbi Akiva demurs: We do not do business with Temple property nor with charity funds.
Why do we avoid profiting from Temple property?  Since there is no poverty in the place of wealth.  In other words, it appears skimpy and inappropriately frugal to be stretching the Temple dollars.

Many people are not able to achieve wealth because they just don’t have the mindset for it.  They’re constantly playing the nebbich card, asking for handouts and being overly frugal in every aspect of their lives.  They fail to realize that the Almighty has no shortage of bounty in his storehouse and if they would simply open their minds and hearts, the prophet says that G-d would grant them ‘limitless blessing until their lips are worn out saying: Too much already!’

First things first, if you desire material prosperity, you need to develop the right attitude.  There’s no place for poverty if you seek wealth.   You need to give to others with an open hand and the Almighty will give you with His open hand.   When you ask for G-d’s blessing, don’t ask him for a two dollar an hour raise, ask him for a promotion!  You don’t need segulos to achieve material prosperity – just ask your Father in Heaven to provide!

It’s no mitzvah to be ascetic and shun wealth.  The Almighty wants you to enjoy His bounty.  He wants you to ask for His bounty.  It’s your choice if you want to be stingy and skimpy – from G-d’s perspective, He has no shortage of blessing to bestow.  You simply need to open your mind and start thinking big so that He can pour out His Heavenly blessing upon you!

Stop thinking small.  Start inviting G-d’s favour into your life.  May you merit so much prosperity that you fulfill the words of the prophet and have to say: Too much already!