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Monday, 1 June 2015

Unlock Heaven's Bounty

Daf Yomi Nedarim 7

There was a famine in the Holy Land.  Isaac and Rebecca packed up their belongings and headed south to Grar.  After an initial misunderstanding with the local King Abimelech, Isaac began to invest and conduct business in his new country.   The Torah teaches that Isaac sowed the land and received a hundredfold return, “and G-d blessed him.”  He then became greater and wealthier gaining a multitude of flocks and herds and abundant prosperity.

The Torah declares, “Any place My Name is mentioned, I shall come to you and bless you.”
Rav Chanin quoted Rav: If one hears his friend say G-d’s Name in vain, he must excommunicate him.  Should he fail to do so, he himself becomes excommunicated.  For wherever G-d’s Name mentioned in vain, there is poverty; and poverty is like death.
The Ran explains: Since positive mention of G-d’s Name brings blessing and wealth, vain mention must cause the opposite. 

The more you recognize the Hand of G-d in your life, the more blessing you draw down into your life.  Isaac reaped one hundredfold and recognized that the abundant crop was the direct result of the Hand of G-d.  That recognition opened the door to his continued success.  The more he acknowledged G-d’s blessing, the more successful he became.

All too often, we have the attitude that “my strength and the power of my hand” made me who I am.  But when you think that way, the Divine energy that truly caused your success says to Itself, so to speak, ‘it was all in vain.’  And so one causes a profaning of G-d’s Name and you risk losing it all.   As the Ran (Rabbeinu Nissim of Geronda) explains, the more you mention G-d’s Name, the more blessing and wealth you will have in your life.

Just like a parent is stirred to shower a grateful child with gifts and withholds his hand from an ungrateful child, our Father in Heaven pours out His Heavenly storehouse when we acknowledge His providence and bounty in our lives.  Indeed, the latter part of the thrice-daily Amidah prayer is devoted to thanking the Almighty for everything He bestows.

The words for acknowledgement and thanks in Hebrew are the same.  May you merit opening your eyes to all the incredible blessings the Almighty has showered upon your life as He continues to bestow even greater abundance and prosperity upon you!