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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Unlock your unlimited potential

Daf Yomi Nazir 7

A fellow meets G-d and asks him, “G-d, how long is a thousand years in your eyes?”
“A thousand years,” says G-d, “is but a second.”
“And how much is a million dollars?” inquires the man.
“A million dollars,” says G-d, “is but a penny.”
“Then would you lend me a million dollars?” asks the man eagerly.
“Sure,” replies G-d, “just wait a second. . .”

If a person declared, “I undertake to be a nazir all the days of my life,” or “I am hereby an eternal nazir,” he is considered an eternal nazir.”
If he said, “I undertake to be a nazir for a hundred years,” or “I undertake to be a nazir for a thousand years,” he is not considered an eternal nazir, but eternally a nazir.
Rashi explains: An eternal nazir may cut his hair every thirty days.  But one who declared to undertake to be a nazir for even a thousand years has not made an eternal undertaking and may therefore never cut his hair; rather he has undertaken one long limited-term nazirite sentence.

Why wouldn’t you be considered an eternal nazir if you undertook the oath of nazirism for a thousand years?  Nobody lives that long!

While a thousand years sounds like forever, it’s not.  It’s a limited term.  You have inside of yourself a neshomo, a soul.  Your neshomo is a part of the Almighty.  The power of your neshomo is unlimited.  Once you start putting limits like a hundred years or a thousand years on your potential, you are denying your G-dliness.  As a child of the Almighty, you have infinite power!

Too many people go through life with small dreams, with small plans.  Small dreams lead to small achievements.  Small plans lead to small accomplishments.

It’s time to tap into your true potential.  You were placed on this earth to achieve incredible things.   Stop thinking in mediocre terms, start thinking in unlimited power terms!  When you say to yourself, ‘Oh, I could never achieve greatness,’ you’re not just limiting yourself; you’re limiting G-d!

If you were a normal human being, you’d be right – a thousand years’ worth of accomplishment would be amazing.  But you’re not; you are a Divine ambassador.  May you merit believing in and unlocking your potential and proceeding to fulfil your unlimited mission on earth!

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