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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It all falls out eventually

Daf Yomi Nazir 59

As the Children of Israel neared the Holy Land, Balak, King of Moav, called upon the wicked sorcerer, Bilam, to cast an evil spell upon the people.  From the get-go, however, the Almighty warned him that his incantations would be powerless against His chosen people.  Nevertheless, lured by Balak’s magnificent offer of wealth, he ignored G-d’s warning and set off to curse the Israelites.  But try as he may, every time he attempted to utter a curse, all that came forth from his mouth was blessing.  Our people had the protection of Heaven’s blessing; there was nothing anyone could say or do to change that. 

Rav inquired of Rabbi Chiya, “What is the law regarding a man shaving his body with a razor?”
“Forbidden,” he replied.
But if it grows too long it will cause him distress!” responded Rav.
“Son of great ones!” exclaimed Rabbi Chiya, “It has a limited time to grow.  Once it has reached its time, it falls out on its own.”

The world is divided between two kinds of people – achievers and naysayers.  The achievers carry the light of life; the naysayers belong to the dark side.  The achievers strive to build; the naysayers strive to destroy.  Rabbi Chiya reminds us never to be concerned about the naysayers.

You might be doing your very best to achieve great things.  And then one of the naysayers appears out of the darkness and tries to destroy what you’re trying to build.  It’s very tempting to lose your focus and bite back at them.  You’re worried because they appear to be growing in strength and influence, causing you distress.

Resist their attempts to pull you into the wrestling cage.  Even if it looks like their power is growing, realize that they have a limited time to grow.  Once they have reached their time limit, they will fall out and disappear on their own.  The Almighty has merely sent them your way in order to challenge your patience and ability to focus.  You must stick to your holy task and ignore the forces of the dark side!

Maybe they’re gossiping.  Maybe they’re making off-colour comments on their Facebook page.  Maybe they’re utilizing social media in their attempts to eat away at your success.  Ignore their taunts!  They will never be victorious!

When Bilam attempted to curse the Children of Israel, there was nothing he could say that would have any effect on them.  Eventually, he quit trying to curse them and decided to go with the flow and bless them.  That’s what will happen when you ignore the naysayers – they will ultimately recognize that they are powerless and will quit trying to break you.  Their curses will turn to blessings!

In the beginning, the more you ignore them, the more frustrated they will get.  They may appear to grow as they double and redouble their efforts to bring you down.  But eventually they will wither away and fall out, because without your acknowledgement they lose all their power.

You are an achiever.  You carry the light.  Always stay focused on your mission.  Never be distracted by the naysayers from the dark side.  May you merit accomplishing incredible things in life and never paying attention to the destructive forces around you!  

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