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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hashem is the Ultimate Helicopter Parent

Daf Yomi Bava Basra 36

Ask any teacher, or even university professor, about the changed roles of twenty-first century moms and dads.  Things have really gotten out of hand.  Parents want to be there every step of the way.  Often referred to as helicopter parents, some of them just don’t know how to let go.  They’re so convinced that for their kids to succeed, they need to guide them, advocate for them, and sometimes even fight their battles.  So they’ll argue with teachers when their kids fail exams.  Or they’ll even make life difficult for professors when their children get bad university grades!

But the craziest story I once heard was the one about the parent who attended their child’s job interview.  The parent explained that their child was humble and would not effectively communicate their strengths to the prospective employer.  The interviewer sat there calmly trying to convince the parent that nobody would ever employ their kid unless they could make their own case.  But all to no avail. . . .

Rava taught: If a servant-child was resting in a cradle, the cradle-owner has an automatic presumption of ownership.
The Gemara asks: Isn’t it obvious?  A baby could not get there on its own!
The Gemara answers: We’re talking about a case where the mother is present in the house.  We might have thought his mother forgot him there.  Therefore, Rava teaches that a mother does not forget her child.

Life is full of challenges.  Health challenges.  Parenting challenges.  Financial challenges.  Sometimes life can really get us down.  And yes, we all have bad days.  But some of us have bad weeks, months, or even years!  During those tough times, always remember that a mother does not forget her child.  And if a mortal mother does not forget her baby, certainly our Divine Parent never forgets His children. 

You might look at the successes of everyone around you and start thinking He’s forgotten you somewhere along the way.  Your neighbour’s business is flourishing.  Your friend’s kids all seem to be perfect.  Everyone else seems to have incredible health.

A mother does not forget her child.  Your Father in Heaven has not forgotten you.  He’s watching you.  He’s caring for you.  What’s more, Hashem is the ultimate Helicopter Parent!  He’s there struggling with you.  He’s there advocating for you.  He’s there fighting for you.  He’s walking with you every step of the way.  Through the good times and the difficult times.

It’s tempting to focus on all the challenges in your life, but if you take a moment to consider all the blessings in your life, you’d realize how much He loves you and how involved He is in your life.  All the little things He does to help you ride the storm.  All the love.  All the mercy. 

But more than that, even when things don’t seem to go the way you had hoped and wished for, even then you need to remember that a mother does not forget her child.  Never.  Not even for a moment.

That job you didn’t get?  Our Father in Heaven closed that door so that He can direct you to an even more incredible opportunity!  That relationship that didn’t work out?  Just a warm-up until He brings you to the right person!  That house you were outbid on?  Just Hashem walking you through the steps of buying a house so that you are well-positioned when your dream-home comes along!

Hashem loves you more than anything.  He never forgets His children.  May you hold on tightly to His hand as He carries you to great things! 

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